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Prince Charles - (QUOTE):
"The whole of the 20th century has always put the car at the centre. So by putting the pedestrian first, you create these liveable places I think, with more attraction and interest and character ... liveability."
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Media Releases


New NSW Cycling Package is a Good Start
Monday 21 December, 2015


Another Pedestrian Killed in the Sydney CBD
Monday 5 May, 2014


Taxi Drivers Not Wearing Seat-Belts in NSW
Tuesday 3 April, 2012

FoI Reveals NSW Speed Cameras Switched Off Prematurely and Against RTA/RMS Advice


Auditor-General Proves Speed Cameras Are Life-Savers NOT Revenue-Raisers
Thursday 28 July 2011


Audit Office Schoolzone Report
Thursday 25 February, 2010
Traders Coerce Council to Put Profits Before Safety
Thursday 21 January, 2010


FoI Reveals Many Driving Offences Not Enforced
Sunday 19 December, 2009
Speeding in NSW Schoolzones is Unenforced & Unenforceable
Monday 23 November, 2009
Tread the path to a healthier life
Friday 2 October, 2009
FoI Reveals VicRoads Incompetence
NRMA Playing Politics With Road Safety
Schoolzone Scandal 2009
Over 99% of NSW Schoolzones are Unsafe


FoI Reveals Our Children Are Not Safe
Wednesday, 24 December 2008
Shared bicycle paths
Tuesday 2 December, 2008
Deadly Carparks
Wednesday 20 February, 2008


Schoolzone Scandal
Wednesday 26 September, 2007
Covert Speed Enforcement Scandal
Tuesday 5 June 2007
P-Plate Decision Day - No More Meetings – No More Diversions
Tuesday 9 January 2007
Speed Camera Scandal
Thursday 4 January 2007


Red Light Camera Scandal
Friday 22 December 2006
Road Safety Coalition for P-Plate Reform
Tuesday 19 December 2006
NSW DPP Directs Appeal on .08 P-Plate Drink Drive Case
Tuesday 14 November 2006
Trading Lives for Votes
Friday 3 November 2006
Speed Limits and Demerit Points for Northern Territory
Thursday 2 November 2006
Magistrates Cannot Quash Demerit Points
Saturday 28 October 2006
PCA Calls on NSW Government to Follow Victoria &Make Minimum P-Plate Age 18 Yrs
Sunday 22 October 2006
Metal Bullbars Increase the Risk of Death or Injury to Pedestrians
Thursday 14 September 2006
Millionaires’ Transport Talkfest
Sunday 3 August 2006
RACS and PCA Condemn Nestlé “Burnouts” & Call For Withdrawal of the Product
Monday 26 June 2006
NSW Police Media
Tuesday 13 June 2006
School Zones - PCA Calls for Flashing Lights
Friday 19 May 2006
8 to 5 - Ensure They Survive
Friday 19 May 2006
Michael Costa - We Demand Answers
Friday 19 May 2006
Double Demerits: RTA & Police obsessed with speeding & seat-belt offences
Wednesday 12 April 2006
Certain NSW Councils Deliberately Refusing to Enforce Pedestrian Zone Law
Sunday 26 February 2006
Sunday 19 February 2006
FoI Reveals over $10 million of Speed Camera Fines Escaped Demerit Points
Wednesday 4 January 2006


Ban lethal raised vehicles from our roads now
Friday 9 December 2005
PCA Calls on All Councils - Parking Enforcement Programs Around Schools
Sunday 6 November 2005
Top Highway Patrol Cop Claims Transit Lanes are Unenforceable
Tuesday 11 October 2005
NRMA on the wrong road
Wednesday 21 September 2005
Four-wheel-drive backlash: the great divide
Tuesday 23 August 2005
Demerit Points Rort
Wednesday 17 August 2005
Homeland Security Threat - Illegal Number-Plates and Tinted Windows
Sunday 10 July 2005
Costa's Truck Summit
Thursday 7 July 2005
What a Mess - Costa's Consistent Inconsistencies:
Tuesday 28 June 2005
Costa's meddling with penalties & demerit points set to wreck Carr's bus lanes
Thursday 23 June 2005
Pedestrians Beware
Tuesday 21 June 2005
Truck-Driver Fatigue Penalties Farcical
Tuesday 14 June 2005
Costa set to scuttle Scully's pedestrian safety initiatives
Friday 10 June 2005
PCA Urges Roads Minister Costa to include double demerit-points for all dangerous driving offences this Easter.
Sunday 13 March 2005
PCA Calls on NSW Roads Minister Michael Costa to increase P-plate age to 18
Monday 21 February 2005
The Unlicensed Drivers Scandal: Victoria Acts While NSW Dithers
Monday 17 January 2005


Mercedes-Benz 'Monk-Insect' Ad Withdrawn
Wednesday 1 December 2004
Admission from Australia's Chief Medical Officer
Friday 3 November 2004
Carl Scully on revised demerit points system
Thursday 23rd September 2004
Confiscate the Phone
Wednesday 25 Auguest 2004
Vehicle impoundments for unlicensed drivers
Monday 23 August 2004
PCA Thanks Carl Scully for Flashing Orange Lights
Thursday 22 July 2004
PCA gets its first motor-vehicle ad withdrawn
Thursday 19 August 2004
Survey Reveals NSW Drivers Supports P-Plate Curfews and Passenger Restrictions
Sunday 18 July 2004
Curfews and Passenger Restrictions for P-Plate Drivers
Thursday 1 July 2004
Sydney Lord Mayor believes car free day merits serious investigation
Tuesday 27 April 2004
The Great Number-Plate Rort
Wednesday 10 March 2004
“Drink-Drive – Get-Off”
Sunday 29 February 2004
Urgent call for road safety summit
Friday 2 January 2004


Pedestrian and Bicycle Organisations Support Bracks Govt Anti-Speed Campaign
Sunday 23 November 2003
Australian Transport Ministers Agree To Changes For New 4wd Vehicles
Thursday 16 October 2003
PCA asks NSW Roads Minister Carl Scully for speed cameras on Harbour Bridge
Tuesday 14 October 2003
PCA Calls for Red Light-Speed Cameras at Intersections and Pedestrian Crossings
Sunday 14 September 2003
PCA Begs Minister to Remove Magistrates’ Discretion in Drink-Drive Cases
Friday 29 August 2003
PCA Asks For New Laws to Force Taxi Drivers to Wear Seat Belts
Tuesday 8 July 2003
PCA Calls on Lord Mayor Lucy Turnbull to Declare Sydney’s CBD a 40 kmh Zone
Monday 5 May 2003
Seat-Belt Laws Are Lethal
Tuesday 15 April 2003
PCA Calls For Double-Demerit Points For All DP Offences Over the Holidays
Sunday 13 April 2003
PCA Calls For Demerit Points & Loss Of Licence For Drivers Who Falsify Log Books
Wednesday 26 February 2003


PCA Applauds Minister Scully On Tough Speeding And School-Zone Program
Wednesday 23 October 2002
PCA Calls on Governments to Urgently Adopt New Bullbar Standards
Monday 23 September 2002
Saatchi & Saatchi and PCA Win 'Best Australian Commercial Of The Year'
Sunday 21 July 2002
PCA Calls On Lord Mayor Sartor To Immediately Ban Scrolling Billboards In CBD
Thursday 4 July 2002
Vulnerable Road-User Group Slams Boswell “Do Nothing” Report
Monday 1 July 2002
PCA Claims Responsibility For The Transfer Of Parking Enforcement From Police
Sunday 30 June 2002
Demerit Points Must Only Be Used For Road Safety, Claims PCA
Friday 7 June
PCA Calls on NSW Govt to Immediately Proclaim 50 kmh Default Urban Speed Limit
Sunday 26 May 2002
URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLES - PCA Slams Sen Boswell's Killer-4WDs Report
Sunday 17 March 2002
More Speed Cameras - PCA Congratulates NSW Government
Friday 15 March 2002
PCA Calls on NSW Govt to Install Fixed Speed Cameras & Flashing Orange Lights
Sunday 3 March 2002


PCA Congratulates Telstra on “Drive Safe.Phone Safe” Eductn & Awareness Campaign
Thursday 20 December 2001

STAYSAFE School Zone Report Seriously Flawed
Sunday 29 July 2001

PCA Congratulates NSW Government and RTA on Bullbar Inspection Safety Standards
Sunday 24 June 2001

“Chopper” Read Drink-Drive Advertisement Wins Gold at Cannes
Sunday 24 June 2001

Pedestrian crossing penalties unenforceable
Tuesday 1 May 2001

Penalties and Demerit Points an Utter Farce
Sunday 8 April 2001

“Chopper” Read to Feature in Drink Driving Campaign
Thursday 15 March 2001

Telstra backs down - SMS Speed trap service scrapped
Wednesday 28 February 2001

603 White crosses to commemorate NSW road deaths
Tuesday 2 January 2001


Road Toll - Massacre
Thursday 28 December 2000

PCA Congratulates Govt on Decision to Transfer Parking Enforcement to Councils
Wednesday 29 November 2000

Another prominent citizens "Gets Off"
Friday 24 November 2000

Major ORTA Blunder - Pedestrian lives at risk
Sunday 10 September 2000

Why Pedestrians Remain Second-Class Citizens
Monday 4 September 2000

School Zones
Wednesday 16 August 2000

PCA praises FedEx
Tuesday 8th August 2000

PCA calls for double demerit points for Olympics
Monday 7 August 2000

Pedestrians Get Their Rights
Monday 3 July 2000

Sydney CBD - A pedestrian nightmare
Monday 8 May 2000

Transit lanes must go
Thursday 23 March 2000


PCA Calls for Urgent Inquiry into Work-Practices of NSW Parking Patrol Officers
Sunday 19 July 1998


Ban all bull-bars now
Monday 24 February 1997


Call for action rally on bicycle couriers
Monday 2 December 1996