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Prince Charles - (QUOTE):
"The whole of the 20th century has always put the car at the centre. So by putting the pedestrian first, you create these liveable places I think, with more attraction and interest and character ... liveability."
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19 October 1999

Division 5 Crossings and shared zones

83 Giving way to pedestrians in a shared zone

A driver driving in a shared zone must give way to any pedestrian in the zone.

Offence provision.
Note 1 Shared zone is defined in rule 24.

Note 2 For this rule, give way means the driver must slow down and, if
necessary, stop to avoid a collision see the definition in the dictionary.
Part 12 Restrictions on stopping and parking

Division 6 Other places where stopping is restricted

188 Stopping in a shared zone

A driver must not stop in a shared zone unless:

(a) the driver stops at a place on a length of road, or in an
area, to which a parking control sign applies and the driver
is permitted to stop at that place under the Australian Road
Rules; or

(b) the driver stops in a parking bay and the driver is
permitted to stop in the parking bay under the Australian
Road Rules; or

(c) the driver is dropping off, or picking up, passengers or
goods; or

(d) the driver is engaged in the door-to-door delivery or
collection of goods, or in the collection of waste or

Offence provision.
Note Parking bay and parking control sign are defined in the dictionary,
and shared zone is defined in rule 24.


20 km/h Shared Zone at Sydney International Airport
Letter from Paul Forward CE of the RTA - 15 July 2003 - RTA confirms that for the third time they have have tried and failed to persuade the ARR Maintenance Group to change the name of Shared Zones to Pedestrian Priority Zones.


Letter from Paul Forward re Shared Zones - 21 Feb 2003

Letter from Rolf Lunsmann (RTA) re 10 km/h Shared Zones - 30 May 2002

Shared Zone Promotion - Bridgepoint Mosman

Shared Zone Promotion - Bridgepoint Mosman - Brochure Handouts - March 2001

Shared Zone Promotion - Woolworths Neutral Bay

Shared Zone Promotion - Woolworths Neutral Bay
Left to Right:
Rolf Lunsmann - RTA
Reba Meagher MP - NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Roads
Superintendent Terry Jacobsen - Commander North Sydney LAC
Councillor Genia McCaffery - Mayor of North Sydney
Harold Scruby - Chairman/CEO PCA

Mosman Daily - Shared Zones - 3 June 1999

Shared Zones - Bridgepoint - Mosman

Mosman Daily

Thursday 3 June 1999
RECOGNISE this sign? You'll find it in particularly busy areas such as Horden Lane behind the Bridgepoint shopping centre at Spit Junction, in Awaba St at Countess Park, at the Neutral Bay shopping car park and the top of Mount St, North Sydney, to name a few.

But the most important thing is: Pedestrians have right of way.

Sergeant Tony Ferguson of Harbourside Police says there has been some confusion about the zones.

"The plain thing to remember," Tony says, "is that these areas may have people walking on them and to slow down and give way to them."

Minutes of meeting with RTA Chief Executive - 4 June 1998